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  Requirements › For Shopping-Q E-Commerce System  

Shopping-Q is written in C++ and compiled into machine language. This allows Shopping-Q to run at the machine language level which maximizes speed and minimizes server overhead.

Since it's compiled, Shopping-Q does not have be read in and parsed each time it is run on your web site. When a program needs to run, the server processes it quickly just like one of its operating system programs.

Most other shopping carts are written in a scripting language like Perl, PHP, or ASP. Scripts have to be read in and processed (parsed) each time the script needs to run. This can really slow down a server; especially on busy or large stores!

This does not happen with Shopping-Q since it's a compiled C++ program that is run at the same speed as the server's operating system. Nothing runs faster than machine language.

Shopping-Q is installed right onto your web site. This means your entire store is accessed and run from within your web site space. Shopping-Q is self contained and secure. Only you have access to your store and customer orders.

In order to install and run our software, your web site must be running on one of the following web servers:

Operating System Requirements (all 32-bit OS):
  • CentOS v4.x or v5.0 Linux Servers - Intel/AMD Based
    (with compat-libstdc++-296-2.96-132.7.2.i386.rpm installed)
  • Sun/Cobalt Networks RaQ 4, RaQ 4i, RaQ 4r Linux Servers - Intel/AMD Based
  • Sun/Cobalt Networks RaQ XTR and RaQ 550 - Intel/AMD Based
  • Caldera eServer 2.3 (with glibc RPM installed)
  • Redhat v 7.1, v 7.2, v 7.3, v 8.x, v 9.x, or V10 Linux Servers - Intel/AMD Based
  • Redhat Enterprise V1 to V3 Linux Servers - Intel/AMD Based
  • Redhat Fedora Core Linux Servers - Intel/AMD Based
  • 100% Redhat Kernel Compatible (RH v7.1 thru RHEL V3) flavors of Linux - Intel/AMD Based (with compat-libstdc++-296-2.96 rpm installed)

Note: our customers have reported success installing and running Shopping-Q on Fedora Core 4/5/6, Redhat Enterprise V4, SUSE v9.x and Mandrake 10.x. You may need to install Linux legacy binary support (compat-libstdc++-296-2.96) as well. We have not confirmed this through our own testing.

NOTE: Shopping-Q only runs on the types of web servers listed above. This means our software will NOT run on FreeBSD, Solaris, Unix, AIX, AS/400, MIPS, or Windows Servers.

Web servers running Redhat v9 or above may need to install Redhat's "backwards compatibility binaries" in order for Shopping-Q to run properly. By default, Redhat v9 may not install the previous linux versions' operating system binaries - therefore, programs compiled on an older version of Redhat will not run properly. This includes Shopping-Q. This situation is easy to fix by running a single "up2date" command on the web server to download and install the missing binaries. Please visit the Redhat web site for more information.
Our software is specifically tailored to use the following web server software:
  • Apache Web Server 1.3.6 or higher.
  • Sendmail 8.9.3 or higher, Exim, or Qmail.
Server Hardware Requirements:
  • 65-75 MB of disk space per store. 70% less per store if "Shared Store Setup" is used.
  • 128 MB of total server RAM. However, 512 MB (or more) is strongly recommended on busy servers (servers with many web sites, many stores, or one or more large stores). We recommend that all Linux servers have the maximum amount of memory installed to maximize performance and reliability.
  • 450 MHz CPU or better.
NOTE: Shopping-Q has been successfully installed on RedHat servers running the Plesk, Ensim, and CPanel GUI software.
Real-time Shipping Calculations & OPENSSL
  • Starting in version 3.7 (2-23-2004), Shopping-Q's real-time shipping calculations require OpenSSL v0.9.7a or later to be installed on the web server and available for direct program access from within the web site's space (Ensim users please see the Warning below). This requirement ONLY applies when a store is going to use Shopping-Q's optional UPS and FedEx real-time shipping calculation features.
  • IMPORTANT: If your store is NOT going to use the real-time shipping calculations, then any version of OpenSSL will work. Shopping-Q does NOT communicate directly with OpenSSL unless the real-time shipping calculations are activated for the store. If they are NOT activated, then any version of OpenSSL that is compatible with your server's version of Apache Web Server will be acceptable.
  • The store DOES NOT need its own SSL certificate to use the real-time shipping calculations. However, OpenSSL v0.9.7a (or later) must be installed and active on the web server hosting your store. As long as OpenSSL is installed somewhere on the server, this store can use it. Ensim users please see the Warning below.
  • Real-time shipping calculations do NOT require a SSL certificate for any particular domain name. The store only requires that OpenSSL v0.9.7a (or later) be installed somewhere on the server (normally by the server's IP address) so it can use the OpenSSL standard libraries for direct program communications. Please ask your Internet provider for assistance with OpenSSL and these requirements if you have any questions.
  • NOTE: Some store users have reported that the real-time shipping calculations do work on their server with OpenSSL v0.9.6 installed. However, we recommend all servers be upgraded to the most recent version of OpenSSL (for security reasons). Please visit www.OpenSSL.org for more information.
  • Ensim Warning: Ensim "locks" all operating system activity (program calls) for your web site to run from within the web site's own restricted space. This means that Shopping-Q will NOT be allowed, by default, to communicate with OpenSSL during real-time shipping calculations (e.g. they wont work). Adjustments to the Ensim setup for your web site will be required in order to copy the required OpenSSL binaries into your web site's "virtual root directory" so Shopping-Q can locate and communicate with them directly during real-time shipping calculations.
Installation Access Requirements:
  • "Root" access to the server via Telnet or SSH. Installation normally requires only a copy of our Master Installation File and 3 simple Telnet or SSH commands (please see the NOTE below). Shopping-Q can't be installed using FTP - it must be installed from the server command line as the server's root user.
  • Shopping-Q cannot be run from inside a CGI-BIN directory nor can it be run by IP Address. Shopping-Q scripts and skins must be installed and run from inside the web space assigned to the web site domain name. Each Shopping-Q store on the server runs from its own domain name space and each store must have its own copy of the scripts, skins, and database files (products, orders, etc...)

    NOTE: on non-Cobalt RaQ servers, installation may require a simple modification to the apache web server's httpd.conf file to allow CGI scripts to be run from inside the virtual host's web space. Cobalt RaQ servers are pre-configured to allow Shopping-Q to be installed and run from inside the web site's space without having to modify the httpd.conf file.



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