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Clear Vision 360 Virtual Tours

When you purchase a virtual tour service from us, you are purchasing a non-exclusive license to use our photography and virtual tour technology for the purpose of marketing your listing, property, or business for a period of one calendar year from the original date of production, or until the property sells.

Tour contents and technology - Copyright 2006-2007 Clear Vision Virtual Tours All Rights Reserved Worldwide

If you need to cancel or reschedule a tour we are shooting for you, we require 48 hours advance notice or else a $35 charge will apply.

This charge also applies if we are unable to access the property to shoot the tour at the scheduled time (invalid CBS lockbox code, missing lockbox, alarm activated, missing or invalid gate code, unleashed/uncontained dogs, or you miss the scheduled appointment).

For liability and insurance reasons, we cannot not move furniture, move or hide household items, move cars, raise/lower blinds and window coverings, lower garage doors, or otherwise make changes to your property prior to the shoot. Staging of the property prior to our arrival is the sole responsibility of the property owner or Realtor.

We will turn on/off lights and ceiling fans as needed as well as open/close (not raise/lower) blinds for lighting. If you leave a door closed, we will not shoot that area of the property.

We can only shoot rooms/areas that are large enough to allow the 360 degree panorama to be effective. Otherwise, the room will look very small. Most likely, dens & extra bedrooms will be too small for full panoramas. They can still be added to the tour as a scene, but they will need to be shot as a partial panorama or as a still.

Bathrooms are also difficult to shoot as a panorama since there are generally too many mirrors that will show our equipment and/or photographer.

For liability and insurance reasons, we cannot shoot the tour unless all dogs, and other potentially dangerous animals, are leashed, contained, or kenneled in an area of the home whereby our photographers are safe from your animal(s).||Even the most friendly dog can attack/bite a photographer given the equipment and nature of the work being done.

The narration script we use to create the voice over narration is based on the available information about your property. This is normally based on the MLS listing data or other written information supplied to us by you. If you want specific features or specifications mentioned, they must be provided to us in writing prior to tour production. Otherwise, we will use our best and sole judgment regarding the voice over narration contents.

You may also write the narration script yourself - scripts must be in writing and contain 300 words or less and be provided to us prior to tour production.

If you request changes to a voice over narration, the charge will be $30 unless the change is a result of a technical mistake we made based on the available written information supplied to us.||If we make a technical mistake, then the revision is free of charge. This does not include technical mistakes made based on incorrect information supplied to us in writing (e.g. mistakes or omissions in the MLS listing).

If you want the narration to say something specific like '1.4 acres' instead of over '1 acre' or 'almost 1500 square feet' instead of 'over 1400 square feet', then you must tell us in writing prior to tour production. Otherwise, we will use general statements that insure the narration is not technically wrong (we will use understated sizes/specifications were applicable and general descriptions of features).

For privacy, liability, and insurance reasons, we cannot shot common areas (community pools, clubhouses, gyms, lakes, fountains, gate entrances) without prior written permission from the association/organization governing the area.

We only photograph areas of the property that can be shot (seen visibly) while standing on the property or on the street directly in front of the property.

A trip charge of $60 apply's if you request us to revisit a property to shoot additional scenes for your tour (plus the $10 per scene cost). Please allow up to 10 business days for scheduling.

NOTE: Our policies may change without prior notice to you.



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